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ThickBox plugin for WordPress

[This will be updated to Thickbox 3.1 later today (April 1st)]

After using Lightbox for a while I decided I wanted something a little slimmer on the blog so set out to find a ThickBox plugin – at the time I couldn’t find one so quickly butchered some files together and made one. There are probably countless others out there now, but if you want your WordPress blog to use the excellent ThickBox script by Cody Lindley, then you can download it below.

It is super simple to install and comes with a readme.txt file in there to explain what to do if your plugin path is not standard.

Download ThickBox plugin 1.1 for WordPress 2.x here

The demo has been temporarily removed to make way for the Litebox Plugin for WordPress – they don’t both want to work together just yet!