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About Gavin Barker

Either you know me or you don’t, even if you do you probably have no idea what I do to scrape a living. I am the owner/director of GB IT Solutions Ltd, a very laid back IT Consultancy. Our aim is to help businesses make good use of IT, but we are increasingly becoming involved in creating bespoke websites for customers with odd requirements.

With previous job titles of Systems Adminstrator, IT Solutions Master and IT Manager I have lots of experience of installing and supporting Microsoft networks and desktops spanning 13 years.

Programming wise, I mainly use the Microsoft platform to program web solutions in ASP interacting with either Access or SQL Server as the backend database. More recently, I am attempting to transfer my skills to PHP/MySQL but every time I start a project it is just simpler to stick to what I know to get the job done.

Happily married with two kids, I enjoy lots of different music, play piano now and again and love to travel. I also attempt to snowboard at least one week a year – I’m by no stretch of the imagination an expert, but I do now spend much more time on my feet than on my arse so that will do me!